Here Now Forever

God is Calling Me

God is calling me to glorify all life

To show heaven on earth is real, here and now

To have faith in that which is beyond human senses
And to love life every moment with absolute joy

God is calling me to live eternally here
Awake and free with omniscient awareness of all realms

All dimensions transparently shining forth on a cosmic screen
Showing eternal vastness without filters or limitations

God is calling me to share joy with all my communications
In every word that arises each moment in daily expression
And in every non verbal murmuring from realms unseen
Always to be awake alive and eternally free

God is calling me to sound the trumpet of divine glory
To ring the eternal bell with continuous sweet vibrations
To play the cosmic flute with ethereal tones of devotion
All sounds ringing with God’s music of joy and love

God is calling me to speak immaculate conception
In each moment with utmost purity and dedication
To reverberate each word with love forever playing
Inspiring and blessing always and forever

Shareall Joy



  1. Kathy Dobson

    This is a sacred and beautiful poem that only someone whose heart was lit up like yours could write!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful words of wisdom!
    You have such a beautiful site/blog!

    1. Shareall Joy (Post author)

      Dearest Divine Friend, thank you! Without your guidance and help this website would not exist. Bless you Forever!

  2. Felicita

    I love this poem! It really touches my heart deeply!! So beautiful and moving! Keep writing and posting please!!

    1. Shareall Joy (Post author)

      Thank you dearest Angel Forever Friend!

  3. Abrinna

    What a divinely inspired poem and amazingly profound insights on your website for the coming times. Can only come through from someone who possesses that beauty naturally from within. Appreciate the contributions you are making for humanity.

    1. Shareall Joy (Post author)

      Thank you beautiful Abrinna for your love, dedication and divine devotion to humanity. Eternal Blessings always!


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