Here Now Forever

Salt Doll Merge

This little doll of salt has slipped into the sea and dissolved in bliss
Waves have embraced me in their churning frothy splendor
In an instant everything merged with the one ever present being
Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent with limitless Joy!

Before the doll was held together tightly to retain its shape and form
Now all washed away in waves of cascading swirling motion
New depths to explore with limitless possibilities of delight
Everything open for an eternal timeless span of ever new

Now in an instant that which has dissolved comes to realize it’s two
Once merged it can be in creation as name and form
It can be in ever ness with no distinction or location
All to the Glory of God and to the gift of the Holy Spirit

Everything is now open and free, no restrictions, no containment
All the realms are but infinite speeds of ever pulsating screens
Each layered on the other with seeming definition and lines
Until one realizes there is an open door with God’s key of love

Everyone may experience this vast expanse of eternal splendor
Everyone may dance in this jeweled hall of magnificence
Everyone may play forever as they move and breathe in God
And wake to the sound of this holy Cathedral of Love

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  1. Athena

    Salt doll merge, indeed!
    God bless you sweet friend

  2. Shailaa

    Thank you beloved for your blessing!


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