Here Now Forever


Atomic Reality of Being


Your Cosmic Journey here and now is to be ‘FREED WHILE LIVING’.  Not in the hereafter, not in the far off, but right here and right now.  Understanding ‘What’ we are as true Living Spiritual Beings.

This is not experienced from levels of mind, or from outside sources. It comes from direct personal life experiences as omniscient pure knowing.

Living to live is entering into the ever present ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ without channels, mediums, intermediaries or space ships.  Nothing needed except your direct simple love of God.  Some know this realm as the Unified Field or the Atomic Reality of Being. It is the Realm of Absolute Oneness and All Encompassing Love.

This is the time for your true Divinity to Emerge as your Limitless Life bears forth everlasting fruit on the Tree of Life, in God’s eternal Garden of Eden.

Thank you for your exploration of Love.  May you live and move and breathe in God in ever new unanticipated joy and Holy glory.