Here Now Forever

Annalee Skarin – Health In The Navel


This health in the navel reaches out for the appeasement of this spiritual hungering within the soul of man as that umbilical cord to God’s supply is opened to him. The physical navel has no meaning or use in the life of any living individual after it completes its physical function of feeding the infant body in its preparation for birth into this world. And from all accepted knowledge that was the end of its functioning and use. However, as one begins to “hunger and thirst after righteousness,” the spiritual umbilical cord is established and one begins to receive the divine nourishment necessary for the growth and complete development of his soul.

Yes, “Blessed is he who hungers and thirsts after righteousness!” And blessed is he who has health in the navel for only through that inner hungering can the purpose and functioning of the spiritual navel be established. The mother does not push the food into the embryonic infant within her womb. It draws its nourishment, as needed, through the umbilical cord. And so it is in the spiritual growth and maturing of every child of God. He must “Hunger and Thirst” in order to develop that contact with the umbilical cord that draws from the spiritual supply of divinity. It is only through this health in the navel and the hungering and thirsting after righteousness that can possibly open up the channel of supply that one can be prepared to ‘BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT!”

This navel is the point where one’s deepest emotions are generated and, shall we say, appeased by the nourishment which God Himself supplies as new truths and knowledge is given to the individual. This is the center gland so necessary for the changing of the physical body from its worm estate into its divine counterpart. And it is true that the “Father will lead you to the Christ (or this Christ center), and then the Christ will reveal the FATHER,” which lifts one’s attention to the superconscious Mind and its All-Knowing powers.