Here Now Forever

Bliss Poem

Inspired by beloved Swami Yogananda


Opening the windows I gazed into eternity
Before me were motion pictures of light
Across universes of infinite space
Worlds upon worlds of never-ending Joy

Celestial sound reverberating everywhere
AWAKE YOU ARE SOUL. Ever New Ever Here
Radiant with God’s Glory of Everlasting Love
Spheres of Cosmic delight of fathomless creativity

Joy Fun Bliss Sparkling on shining seas
Of Ever splendid waves of shimmering motion
Swaying and dancing beings gathered
From galaxies and worlds far and wide

All to experience God’s Theater of Love

Shareall Joy



  1. rhianne newlahnd

    beautiful dearest. I so love our dear Yogananda. What a gardener he was, of souls and plants! I love the double heart. Do you know more about it? I have a double heart at the center of my wise woman mandala board.
    Happy new year! Looking forward to time together. I have been gently entering a new cycle, resting alot, healing, and developing new levels of enthusiasm!! love to William

    1. Shareall Joy (Post author)

      You are so loving, thank you dearest friend!

  2. Athena


    Thank you

    1. Shareall Joy (Post author)

      Thank you sweet eternal ‘soul sistar’


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