Here Now Forever


Loving Eternal Life



I have been pondering the question of why since childhood I have been so fascinated, so interested in and so passionate about words such as Eternal Life, Immortality, Resurrection and Ascension.

Since youth many around me left their earthly form through what the world calls death. I knew there was only life. I had continuing communication with some who departed, including both my parents. I knew to the depths of my soul that death was a choice which in most cases brought a great deal of sadness. I also knew that the one who left, and those left behind did not seem to understand that death was a choice, rather it was most often seen as something that just happens to everyone and can not be avoided.

I somehow knew from earliest youth til present day that there was a huge cultural conditioning that had existed throughout time saying death is normal, natural and could not be avoided. Along with this death program was a deep program of lack of self worth. These two debilitating programs, in my humble opinion, contribute to all the sadness, disease, wars and all manner of dark energies on this wonderful planet we all share. I always ask myself and others this question. “How can we possibly experience Heaven on Earth, a world of Peace, Joy, Love and Plenty if these programs are running?”

What I have learned is we are all born winners, we are all ‘sons and daughters of God’, not some stuffy god sitting on a throne in some antiseptic corner of the universe but a benevolent Unified Field of Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence. A God so loving that we are all loved beyond measure no matter our individual earth story. Each and every one of us is unique and valued.

The Light of Christ shines within each soul. We are all a reflection of this Cosmic Light manifesting in a body or costume of earthly elements. These elements are able to transform as we know our self (our cells) as Holy. As we live as soul we are renewed and reborn from the mortal world of limitation into the immortal world of limitless freedom.

Each time any one of us rises up and leaves old false limiting beliefs, the whole of mankind and creation is changed. May you emerge from the shackles of the past and shout for joy as you embrace the eternal ever new, ever-present NOW in God’s eternal Unified Field of Love .

With eternal blessings of love – Shareall Joy