Here Now Forever


            You are elements, they will always be here. 

          Sound holds matter together. 

         We are Optics encased in Sonics.

    Whatever geometry the sound wants to hold, it will hold it together and sustain it by itself, by a magnetic field called LOVE. Each person breathing is unique and a gift in manifestation, from the Creator, that cannot be revoked. The Creator, having given this gift, used this particular process to amplify its highest presence by asking it to build a temple, a dedicated behavior of attitude within the structure of permanency, that it may dwell in it, and be the form that operates it. And if this individuality sticks it out and doesn’t panic, and acts WHAT IT SAYS, then that creative principle will enhance it to permanency. Carbon makes it possible. There are many other forms in the universe that have different elements predominating, but they can’t reach the level of carbon. Only carbon can go through extreme heat and extreme cold and come out permanent. Carbon is the ultimate opportunity of the journey of understanding. Understanding is a process.


        Swami Nityananda Saraswati