Here Now Forever

Driving Your Car

Eyes closed in meditation pose.

  Then suddenly thought arose. 

Speed your mantra up real fast. 

Come on girl turn on the gas. 


Gleefully I stepped in inner space. 

Happily running at fastest pace. 

One big step crossed the world you see. 

Suddenly this soul was oh so free. 


A fellow driver out in space.

Says accelerate girl at faster pace. 

This is how we win at last. 

Make it fun and make it fast. 


Every moment you’ll forever know.

Life’s great joy and happy flow. 

Infinitely experiencing joyful glee.

Dancing forever in Eternity. 


Moral of this story is. 

Make it joyful geeeeee wiz. 

Life is fun and life is free. 

It is our Cosmic Destiny.


Shareall Joy February 2021