Here Now Forever

Ascend Here and Now


As long as I can remember in this life I have always known we live forever.  I was the kid at school the principal called my parents saying ‘Shareall’s a great kid but can you talk to her about not telling some of her teachers about their past lives together.’  At that time in my life I looked at life as one long tapestry of past, present and future – all part of Eternity.   Past lives excited me as they explained so much about myself and about others around me and why we feel so close to certain people, and not so much with others.  I always knew I would not die, but looked at it more from the standpoint of ongoing lives.  That is until I met a great mentor and Swami who through just being with him, and learning from him, allowed me to enter the Unified Field and understand my Individuality at the same time. Past, present and future now came to be lived and understood as different speeds of one continuous existence. Mind and its many names of Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious came to be experienced as Memory Internally Navigating Desire.  With the desire for God union, with the great love of Christ Jesus and all the Immortal Masters the mind is no longer fragmented, it is UNIFIED.   I don’t have a soul, I am Soul.  What a difference that little distinction is.  How preposterous for a body to have an Immortal Soul.  Rather we are that Immortal Soul, that Unified Life – living and moving and breathing in God – Unified Life.

What thrilled me to the core as a child and even now is the life of Master Jesus and two simple words RESURRECTION and ASCENSION.  This was something that many years ago not many were talking about.  Most Christian Churches focused on the crucifixion, and once a year at Easter on Resurrection Ascension.  I wondered how this could be when such demonstration was, to me, the height of human accomplishment.  It is the Mt. Everest of Spiritual Unfoldment.  Why was this not sung from the mountaintops every day so that all on earth could demonstrate this for themselves?  Then everyone could easily join the great Communion of Saints. Saints and Sages from all traditions who have overcome the last enemy called death.  All great beings who have OVER COME (come up over) this last obstacle on the Highway of Forever.

This is where the great hypnotic spell comes in.  For eons of time on this beautiful planet a story of living to die has been taught, accepted and perpetuated.  It has been at the root of all disease, distress, wars and sadness leading only to decay and death.  And at the core of this false belief is the deep feeling of  ‘I’m not good enough’ or a self condemnation that keeps earth beings forever attached to this death urge.  Even when one is positive and a very good person this dull hum often is the basis of the individual’s life.  How do I know this?   Simple. If every kind, loving, creative, inventive person were to have gone beyond this death programming they would, like Master Jesus, not have died.  To live and be transformed, translated and ascend unto God is no small feat.  It is truly simple but no small feat  I have come to understand the reason for this is that to ‘divinize our cells’ completely to the light they truly are, or the Atomic Reality of Being, one must love God (creator) with all of one’s heart (feelings), all of one’s mind (every thought, word, deed), all of one’s soul (every atom of their being – Unified) and all of their strength – the conviction of knowing and believing – to be live – Be and Live it 24/7.  Not just now and then, not just a little every day but always and forever.  What this belief (be live) brings is Glorious!  It brings one from living to die, to living to live.  It brings one from being born mortal to the new birth of being born of God.  All realized masters, no matter what their tradition, have accomplished this.  It is accomplished through lifetimes of dedication, devotion and LOVE.

We are all made up of Atoms, Atoms are Light and Light does not decompose.  So let us all sing the heavenly chords of Joy, Peace and Love here now and forever and realize in our time now we stand on the shoulders of all the Immortal Masters and ‘in the twinkling of an eye ‘ with a new and ‘glorious purpose of living’ we do not need lifetimes to ascend, we can ascend NOW.

With Eternal Blessing of Love    

Shareall Joy