Here Now Forever

Cell Confrontation

There is no greater meeting than a CONFRONTATION WITH YOUR CELLS
Confrontation: dictionary meaning – face to face meeting

Tonight I awoke from sleep
The land of unconscious, the land of dreams
The land of misfiled geometry
With a thousand million screens
There is no life in this barren land
All roads there lead to ‘no man’s land’
Death of one body leading to another
Leading to another and another and another

It is in this body, in this life, in this space beyond time
In this conscious meeting where all’s sublime
That all roads lead to eternal unending joy
One eternal road of unfathomable bliss
One highway of cosmic eternity
Ever new, ever here, ever now

Wake up dear friends from the slumber
Cross the river of life and refresh, renew, restore
Every cell is a universe of exploration
Light and sound always pulsating
With God’s light and sound
Glory here and all around

Awaken to the ever present omniverse of love
Awaken to the thrill of omniscient knowing of all
Awaken to the omnipotence of power unending
All inherent in your cell realization of being
All inherent in your 360 view of seeing
With eyes single to the Glory
With only one divine eternal ongoing story

Dance dance wherever you may be
Knowing your soul is now forever free
Lord of the dance are Ye!