Here Now Forever

Eternity Beckons

Eternity Beckons

I peeked into Eternity in an open-ended sky
All about me were lights shining dazzlingly bright
Each was a planet with infinite beings
Moving and living in a realm of eternal grace.

How was I invited into this formless realm of light
Was it my devotion to all that is God’s loving heart
Or was it simply grace showering me with her bliss
Who knows the ways and means of Infinity.

All you who seek the Lord be of good cheer
All is here in each moment as we accept love
It is so simple and so pure that anyone is an invited guest
In God’s many mansions of eternal benevolence.

Let the light shining in the darkness open your path within
Let the song of the audible stream fill your heart with joy
Everyone is invited to this Cosmic Table of Love
Overflowing with the Divine Grace eternally present.

All is Love
All is Joy
All is Bliss
All is Here, Now, Forever!

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