Here Now Forever

The Light of God

The Light of God is in me
The Light of God is without me
All Glory to this effulgent Light
Shining Forever in a Blaze of Wonder

This light formed from eternal Sound
Made manifest in ever renewing forms of bliss
And in ever ongoing forms of distress
All to the Glory of God

How many millennia have I seen
How many Yugas have I witnessed
As The Lord God of Soul danced in creation
Playing with scenes of ever changing light

Come all who are weary and dance with me
Dance with my Instructor who knows every step
Dance with him who knows how to lead
Dance with him who gives you the glory to shine

God is forever dancing in creation
Worry not what appears or disappears
Stay in step with he who mastered the dance with love
And leads you forever in waves of bliss

The Instructor is not separate from you
Two dancers joined in a wave of bliss
Always together in creation’s separate waves
Always together in Un manifest Union

Rise up with Joy and glorious abandon
Smile with effervescent delight at all around you
All are joined in one Cosmic Sea of Supernal Splendor
Yours to know and love forever!

Shareall Joy


  1. rhianne newlahnd

    so beautiful, uplifting and inspiring, vibrating with love and presence. You demonstrate your dance beautifully. no matter in bliss or distress, we are in the beauty of this incredible mystery called LIFE>

    1. Shareall Joy (Post author)

      Thanks sweet friend and lover of bliss!

  2. Athena

    Oh this is a transcendent magic carpet ride to heavenly realms

    1. Shareall Joy (Post author)

      Thank you dearest soul sister!


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