Here Now Forever



William and I were contemplating the beings who have achieved mastery.  What would be the difference of these beings from all the many beings on Earth, and from all those beings that are spoken of by mediums, psychics, channels, etc who reside in other realms, frequencies, or speeds of existence.  We posed that question.  In the middle of the night this arose:

“To be truly reverent in one’s scientific investigation of transparency (OR TRANSLATED/TRANSFIGURED BEINGS), investigate these beings while ‘under your own steam’, ‘driving your own car’ (ie in control of your own body/vehicle), being fully conscious and wide awake.  Being fully conscious you can discover WHAT you are as an Atomic Principle.  Atomic mastery allows all the unlimited possibilities of this awareness to come forth in it’s fullest expression.”

William added that “a true master (ie transparent being who comes and goes at will) would therefore ‘come through the wall’ and give solid evidence of their atomic structure so that you could interact with him/her just the same as with any other manifested being.”  In life there are millions of beings with amazing gifts and attributes, but they still go on their ‘cosmic vacation’ or what the world refers to as death. So too in the various realms, dimensions, speeds of this vast cosmos there are countless beings with amazing gifts.  From the invisible realms various beings may contact us on Earth in various ways.  On earth when someone calls we pick up our phone and easily communicate.  Those beings making contact from other realms, who have truly mastered their atomic nature, appear directly to those they wish to speak with.  They give solid material evidence of their existence.  Their living vibrating atomic being is THEIR TELEPHONE – TELE phone.

Some beings from other realms wishing to give messages to someone on Earth, (and who have died and not reached mastery before death), use a messenger (psychic, medium, channel, etc) to communicate.  The psychic, medium, channel does have the belief and experience of certain other dimensions, realms, speeds, etc, and so passes the message along.  Then the one on Earth receiving the message may believe that ‘channeled being’ or not.  There are clear channels and not so clear channels.  On earth sometimes the phone line may not be clear,have static and even disconnect.  If the channeled being could make physical direct contact, they would.  The reason they don’t make direct contact or physically connect, is that until they have in fact reached atomic mastery they cannot give direct evidence.  Only one who has mastered their cellular nature, atomically speaking, while on Earth (ie in carbon-based form) can give such evidence.

       I offer for your deep consideration that a being  from the invisible realms (who has not fully achieved atomic mastery) can only communicate by the use of a messenger such as a channel/psychic etc.  This being could perhaps appear in a dream or image to the receiver.  Or have ongoing communications with the receiver internally, or may even appear as a clear vision.  That being however, will not be able to be touched by the receiver or anyone else, nor will they be able to traverse the vast cosmos at will with utmost freedom.  Though it may appear that this being has full access to the cosmos (all speeds/dimensions), they are in fact on a limited ‘cosmic passport’, as the being cannot manifest to be touched on this earth. 

       The atomic master who can accomplish this is referred to as a ‘descended manifested master’ because he has the ability to ascend from the earth to these other speeds/dimensions, and turn around and descend back to Earth. This is like water changing to steam and the steam changing back to water. A being of atomic mastery does not use any intermediary, and if appearing, always makes sure to give you solid evidence.  [This evidence is that he allows you to touch him (like master Jesus allowed ‘doubting’ Thomas) after the resurrection, and allows you to eat with him and the food that is left will not rot or decompose. This is to give you an example of atomic mastery rather than simply a visionary or dream experience.] This is the cosmic Master Card, or unlimited cosmic passport.

The channeled being, no matter how skilled, will have to reincarnate and be reborn in another body on earth to continue on their journey of mastery of transparency/translation/transfiguration.  So also the receiver on earth (who receives messages from these beautiful beings or sometimes, not so beautiful beings) also will have to go through the process of rebirth if they do not achieve mastery in their life time.

The Transparent One (Descended Manifested Master, Translated Being, Transfigured Christ Like One) will, however, travel the cosmos at will in a state of Permanency with no need for intermediaries, messengers, telephone operators, etc.  That is the whole point of mastery, so that no steps in between are required for transport or communication.

I truly appreciate all those beings, from all realms who make contact with beings on Earth in various ways having various levels of development and expertise.  I myself am endeavoring to master my atomic nature and interact with those who have mastered and have full access, without any limitations or need for interventions.

I have many years of experience as medium, psychic, channel, etc, and while I loved it at the time, and it gave me and others great comfort and lots of fun, it lead me to meet one who has truly mastered and pointed the way for Full Cosmic Experience.  This being so beautifully shared with me the true Guru. GEE U R U.  Beings in the East with the title ‘guru’ are all seen to be masters.  While I revere each and every one of them, I also realize, at the same time, all may not have cellular/transparent mastery.  The indication of this would be that the guru or master did not in fact die or decompose.  Therefore, in this area, there is also great need for discernment.

While I will always love those with undergraduate and masters degrees, it now only makes sense to work on a PhD.  This writing is for those who also have this desire.  To achieve mastery it would seem wise to call upon those beings ( who have already achieved atomic mastery) to aid us in our journey.  How we may accomplish this connection and interaction with such beings will now be our focus.  A focus we might call ‘THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS OR SANE ONES”.   With the help of these beings, we may finally come to demonstrate this within our own cellular structure.  WITHOUT MASTERY we will be like those who can talk about the subject but never really ‘believe’ or, more accurately, BE LIVE it.