Here Now Forever

Swami Nityananda Saraswati Satsang


The Altar of The Spine


Within this sacred temple there is an altar called the spine because it’s centrally located like the altar in a church and within this spine there are seven centers which we call the endocrine system or something called in oriental writing, the chakras. In the Book of Revelation by Saint John it was called the holy candlesticks before the throne of God, you see, and there were seven, he said there were seven golden candlesticks before the throne of God. Now remember John was a disciple of Jesus who looked within himself and he was writing revelation, he was writing what was revealed from within himself so he saw these things within himself. He saw the electrical anatomy of his mechanism for the first time. He saw where the Divine Life was pouring into him which was the throne of God, he saw the various seven centers in his mechanism which were like lights or vortices of light but in those days they didn’t have electricity so he had to relate it to candles, they were like burning lights. Now he said there were seven angels around this which means there are the seven levels of consciousness within this mechanism. An angel would be an intelligence and we say there are seven levels of consciousness and each level of consciousness possesses a certain spiritual power. That is a power that the oriental people call the siddhic force or the extrasensory powers, the powers that are naturally dormant within the mechanism to perform the so-called miracles.  There are no miracles, there are just the dormant forces and he said that within this mechanism he was able to see the Alpha and the Omega, the start and the end of the movement of life. Well life doesn’t have an end, what he saw was the flow of life.