Here Now Forever

Charlie Tango Juliet

Charlie Tango Juliet so great and true
Took me into skies of deepest blue
Over fields of green and treetops high
Each adventure a wonder to fly

From a grass strip he took me airborne
All kinds of weather and cloud types forming
Whether feelings of trepidation or excitation
Always performing gracefully with exaltation.

Always serving carefully with me at controls
In amazing ways of fun through cloud bank holes
Whether flying high or low to ground
Always motor humming so quietly sound

Hours of lessons for Private and Commercial
Each like a dance for a new dress rehearsal
Charlie ever ready for whatever turn or spin
Kept constant vigil no matter with or without trim

A friend could never be expected for more
Whether quiet winds or sound of a roar
Wheels touching earth with landings found
All for this soul who was never earth bound

So now you can see why these three words
Ring in my heart with such joy and delight
Charlie Tango Juliet so benevolent and free
A companion, a friend for ever you see!

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